Gratitude Gems

Alwyn’s better and out of hospital

Boo’s ok and starting a course

I’m loving work at the minute

Learning a lot about events

life is calm, I’m feeling stable, calm

Went to the British Museum during lunch one day this week

Bonding with Matt

Adam and I are friends

Tony’s happy

We have good people around us

Made blueberry pancakes using a recipe from Ellie Krieger

Had waffles for breakfast

Read love and friendship by Jane Austen

Started the girl with the glass feet




I am obsessed with the Enchiladas from Annie’s Eats. I’ve slowly been cooking my way through her blog and have never made a single recipe I didn’t like.

These Enchiladas have become a staple in my household, and there’s never a bad time to make them. Add a salad in the summer, or even just alone in the winter, they’re delicious. I have to admit I cheat and throw the chicken in the kitchenaid once it’s cooked, and it bashes it up and turns it into pulled chicken for me.

I’ve made three versions: chicken enchiladas, benchiladas, and veggie enchiladas, and have love all of them. You honestly cannot go wrong with whatever you pick. Ok, enough gushing.

But seriously… Go and buy the ingredients for these now and make them. Go.

Recipes to try

Casseroles, stews, soups: the most filling and warming one pot dishes – all of these look good but there’s a few like the sausage and gnocchi I have to try.

French onion soup – because who doesn’t love it?

Found a new blog called Vegetarian Adventures, everything on it looks good but there’s a Cornbread, Brussels Sprouts, Sweet Potato, & Pomegranate Stuffing that looks amazing.

I know I don’t eat meat but for T this Mexican Chicken Chilli Potato Pot looks pretty good, and I can easily turn it into a vegetarian dish too.


Gratitude Gems

Our 3 year anniversary was this week

American pancakes and strawberry syrup for breakfast

Wearing giant warm socks  while cooking in the kitchen

Seeing Dan, Carly and the kids Saturday night

Having beautiful nail polishes like Nails Inc Chelsea Square and Belgravia Road

Help from amazing people at work with making our new wiki site

Seeing Simon and Lee last week, going food shopping and having the money to buy anything we wanted, including cola bottle and chocolate orange hand wash, they smell amazing!

Jo Malone wood sage and sea salt perfume – it’s like a hug.