Happy New Year! 2016 was a long roller-coaster of a year, it feels like it’s passed so quickly, but when I look back at things that happened I can’t believe it was so recent. Thinking back to all the lows, I’ve realised if I can get through those moments, and still have a good year, and still enjoy so many good things, that I can get through anything. So, I’ve set some intentions for this year. Nothing about climbing mountains, losing 12lbs, or sipping cocktails in Mauritius. Just things I think might make me happier in my day to day life. If I do them, great, it’ll make my life a little happier, and if I don’t, I’ll try harder next year.

  1. Eat Breakfast, lunch and dinner, no skipping, no cake as a substitute.


Read daily – it’s good for your peace of mind as well as keeping it sharp.


Clean and keep the place tidy – outer order contributes to inner calm.


No spending – save for adventures, say nay to consumerism.


Meal plan – save money, use up leftovers and actually cook decent meals.


Connect. Doesn’t matter how – text, call email, face to face, a day, hour, 5 minutes, anything.


Gratitude. Find something daily. Preferably a few things.


Eat fruit and veg. Monitor how much and make an effort to eat more.


Eat less sugar – and don’t act dumb when I do.


Take photos. It doesn’t matter how bad they are, no one else will see them. Just do it, it makes me happy. Worry less about the outcome, and just enjoy the process.


Take a self portrait or two, doesn’t have to be a selfie.


Stop saving things for best. Celebrate today. Wear my pretty dresses. Use the bath oil.


Remember that life is short. Remember this and live life more fully. Treasure my time, don’t waste it.

88d6375ffb97b43d947757b1413c670cWhat will your intentions for this year be?


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