Gratitude Gems

I feel like I’m coming out of a daze and am paying more attention to the world around me

the kids made me some beautiful drawings that are now proudly on my fridge

I have my voice back – yey

getting lots of good feedback for things at work

lots of ideas for new projects at work

Better Call Saul‘s back on – watched three episodes of season two last night. I love the way it’s filmed

Had the best weekend in a long time even though I was poorly this week; Dan and Carlie’s for dinner on Friday, went for late lunch with Mirella on Saturday, and played with the kids on Sunday while dad, Tony and Dan worked on cars outside.

Bought Mac in extreme dimension lash. It really is amazing stuff, curls and thickens my lashes without a single clump. I love mascaras and this really is my favourite, doesn’t smudge, irritate the eyes, and comes off easily with make up remover. Only downside is that it’s not waterproof, but I can’t have it all.



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