Gratitude Gems

A weekend home, just the two of us. No errands for others, no helping other people do things. Just time for us, together

Shopping at Asda with T and Lee, god over a week’s worth of dinners – so much less stressful when T picks what he wants

Cuddles with the pooch

Clean home on Sunday morning; reduces anxiety like nothing else

Watching the pooch play with his new ball on a string – one happy puppy

The mist was beautiful this morning

Next and pet shop with T – bought beautiful dessert bowls, place-mats and cutlery, then dog toys, grooming bits and finally bought a seat belt thing for the dog’s harness in the car.

Made an amazing roast – the crunchiest fluffiest roast potatoes ever

Went through to do lists, set up new routine for next week to try out


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